Phase 1.5 Reopen & Return Schedule Update

Hey, All!

Well it has been a crazy few months! I do hope you are well and managing quarantine as gracefully as possible. I have missed you terribly and as excited as I am to see you see you all, I am also a bit anxious about returning to the salon. I am going to ask for a bit of patience as we get rolling with Phase 1.5. There are many new protocols for all of us, but many for me as your service provider. Aside from a very limited capacity of 25% (two stylists), there is additional cleaning on top of our industry’s high standards along with many requirements for working in a shared space while minding social distancing and safety guidelines. This requires I book only one guest at a time and allow for extra time between guests. I’ve decided that initial visits will not include a blowout. In doing so I am able to see more guests and maximize available time thus shortening your wait and preventing a Covid-19 surcharge right out of the gate.

There is a risk to my health in coming back to work and yours as well, which is why I am required and happy to be diligent in protecting all of us. Additional PPE requirements coupled with my inability to book as normal is resulting in my costs going up as my earning potential drops. I don’t love this aspect of returning, but unfortunately I can’t avoid it. I will split the difference of the extra time required with you. After 6/30/2020 I will include a $9.50 surcharge to all appointments. It is temporary, but necessary.

As you know, I am moving and will be flying back to see you! Most of you have booked through 2020 and are privy to how it will work. But, if you forgot or are looking to book, let me share it all again. With this new schedule I will require a 25% deposit due four weeks prior to your next appointment. I will confirm 14 days out at which time you have 72 hours to cancel or reschedule to receive a full refund of your deposit. Additionally, due to the nature of scheduling that is now required, all online booking is shut down. Call, text or email to schedule. Unless we hit another round of closures, expect to see me through 2020 as planned, maybe even into 2021!

With traveling back, your safety and my own are being taken into great consideration. I will wear a mask, eye wear and gloves while traveling. With me I will have Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer and travel Lysol disinfectant! I’ve booked trips through August opting to fly on Alaska Air opting into the window seat so no one crawls over me and Alaska Air is limiting center seat booking through at least June.

I have created a form for you to fill out and sign, it has been emailed to you. It is required to come in for your next service and lists all expected protocols. It’s basically stating we are all responsible adults who will be safe while seeing one another at the salon. We all agree to the terms of booking regarding masks, cancellations, ect. Reach out with any questions!

I know this is all a lot to take in and I loathe our “new normal,” it isn’t the service I want to provide. I am saddened that I will not see a lot of you again and can’t hug you good bye after many years as your stylist. To all of you I will miss before my exit, thank you for choosing me and I will miss you tons. This career is a huge part of who I am, it is rewarding and you are big part of that. I will miss you tons! And, to those of you I will have the privilege of seeing upon my returns…Thanks for hanging in there with me while I navigate return trips. I can’t wait to see you all!