See you soon!


I am so happy to share that there is finally a timeline and framework of expectations with reopening salons!

Phase 2 could begin as early as 6/7. When asked about 6/1 as a possible date, Inslee’s replay was “deeper into June.” We at Modify anticipate 6/14 and are managing schedules with that date in mind to avoid another round of rescheduling!

What does this mean for us with my pending move? I will be here to see you! We are moving to St. Louis beginning of June, but I will fly back to work for 7-10 days just a few days past our reopening date. This gives me time to settle us in St. Louis and get back, while allowing other stylists to get a few days head start since I will require a big chunk of time!

We are scheduling a zoom date to coordinate schedules and divide time. With social distancing, there will be a limited number of people allowed to work each day. To maintain safe distancing between an operator and guest, we will eliminate use of our middle sink and two stations. So, four stylists and four guests.

There will be new operating guidelines in addition to capacity. Once those details are sorted, I will communicate requirements for your next appointment.

I will be adding to my return schedule with at least 1-2 additional visits establishing three week intervals for the first few months. From there returns are expected to be either 4 or 6 week intervals. But, I am yours through 2020, quite possibly into 2021 depending on continued demand for my return as I establish clientele in St. Louis.

Expect to hear from me over the next week. I will call to personally discuss more details and expectations with you directly.

In the meantime, I miss you. I look forward to seeing you and stay safe!