Seattle, we’re nearing the end of the road.

After eighteen years of managing heads in Seattle, this November will be my last trip back to the city for work. I’ve already begun to have this conversation in person with many of you, but it’s going to be so hard officially saying goodbye. 

I believe you have all been scheduled for your last appointment. If not, reach out and I’ll see what I can make happen. During this transition I will be connecting you with two referrals, providing you with your formula and any necessary client notes. This way if you choose to venture out from Modify, you can provide your history to your new stylist.

I do plan to sort out a going away/birthday drink situation in November that Friday, 11/18. I’m saying goodbye and turning 43 the same weekend. Can you believe I’ve known some of you since my twenties?! I’ll get those details together and shoot you the information soon.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!